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And I'm an artist that draws colorful horses

Etheria Galaxia

Hello, I'm

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  • Wix Bluesky
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Commission Status: OPEN   ||   Requests: CLOSED  ||  Art trades: CLOSED


Icon - $20

A square portrait of your pony, comes with a shading and abstract background, great for profile pictures.

 Accessories: +$5* (*Prices may vary depending on complexity)

Cuddle cakes icon_compressed.jpg
Lunar icon_compressed.jpg
Sketch - $10

Sketches are a quick and easy way to bring an idea to life.

 Accessories: +$2*   Extra characters: +$6  (*Prices may vary depending on complexity)

Scratchtheria smooches.png
Marry plz 2023 sketch.png
Muffin derp.png
Colored sketch - $14

A rough coloured sketch of your pony.

 Accessories: +$4*   Extra characters: +$6 

(*Prices may vary depending on complexity)

Scratchtheria sleepy.png
Drawing - $35

A complete drawing, clean lines and shaded.

 Accessories: +$5*   Extra characters: +$10   Background: +$10*  (*Prices may vary depending on complexity)

Scratchtheria Valentines 2024.png
Scratchtheria smooch.png

Other information

  • If you're interested in commissioning me, you can send me a DM on Twitter (X), Bluesky, or on Discord (etheria_galaxia). Discord is preferred since I check that very often.

  • I am still learning so my art style might change over time. Please look to my latest images for the most up to date style.

  • Finished images will be posted on Twitter and Derpibooru unless mentioned otherwise

  • Payment accepted through PayPal and in United States Dollars (USD)

  • Prices may vary depending on image complexity.

  • You may have to pay to make significant edits to the image after the the image is inked/coloured.

  • Refunds may only be issued if you notify me before I start inking the image

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commissions/requests.

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